Cleaning Procedure of our Bounce Castles

We believe in clean, safe, fun

Bounce Castle Fun always prioritizes clean and safe fun! We take hygiene very seriously and we take pride in our company’s reputation of delivering the best quality rentals. Our bounce castle cleaning procedure priority is to clean all of our products daily and after every use.

No bounce castle is used in more than one event or location on the same day. The inflatable is vacuumed and cleaned before going out for another rental. All bounce castles that are stored away for a long period of time is re-cleaned.

We probably don’t need to explain to you but children are dirty. That’s not meant to be insulting … it’s just a fact. And those sticky fingers, mucky chins, and filthy shirts all add up to a bounce castle that needs a good cleaning.

A bounce castle is pretty large, with lots of surface area that needs cleaning. And we’re focused on cleaning it to the best that our next customer deserves.

A dirty bounce house is no bueno. Children can get exposed to viruses. Mold and mildew can chew through a bounce house like termites on wood. There’s simply no getting around it and that is why we take it serious with our bounce castle cleaning procedure. It’s really dangerous not to.

Getting Started: It's as easy as 1-2-3-4

Step 1:

Our inflatable, such as the 17′ High Fun Dual Slide, is rolled out and inflated. It is then left to air-dry if needed. After is it dry, we vacuum it thoroughly. Every nook and cranny of the inflatable has been inspected and vacuumed.

Step 2:

Once our vacuum process is complete, the bounce castle is then sprayed with Simple Green All Purposes Cleaner and Disinfectant

Step 3:

For the purpose of absolute cleanliness, the outside and inside of our bounce castles are cleaned, scrubbed and wiped down.

Step 4:

Once our inflatable has been dried, we roll it up and store it, ready to go out for the next rental.


It is important to realize that this process is done every day, after every use of each rental. We always follow strict procedures when it comes to cleaning our bounce castles to ensure you, our customers, get the best, clean quality rentals.