Bounce Castle Rental Checklist

Bounce Castle Rental Location Setup2. CHECK PATH TO SETUP LOCATION
  • Notify us if stairs, incline or decline present.
  • 3′ pathway required or 4-6′ for bigger items.
Is your bounce castle near an electrical outlet?3. CHECK ELECTRICITY REQUIRED
  • All inflatables require a 20 Amp circuit. Some bigger inflatables require 2-3 outlets.
  • If outlet is more than 25 feet away, notify us to bring extension cord.
Confirm your bounce castle rental order.4. CONFIRM ORDER
  • REQUIRED – Sign contract electronically.
  • Call or email 3 days before to confirm order.
Prepare the items for arrival of your bounce castle rental.5. PREPARE ITEMS NEEDED
  • Clear pathway to setup location.
  • Have water hose ready to reach setup location for water units.
Have some bounce castle fun today.6. EVENT DATE
  • Adult attendant must be present at all times to supervise.
  • Do Not overload electrical circuit.
  • Stay hydrated during hot seasons.
  • Take breaks to avoid over-fatigue.
  • Have Fun!

Steps prior to placing your order for a bounce castle rental

It’s important to know how the process works, and what you need to know from a rental company, such as Bounce Castle Fun, to ensure a smooth process.


This is the most important item on the list.  If you want a wide variety of bounce castles to pick from, you’ll want to schedule your rental at least a month in advance, two months if you can.  We book out early.

Now, I’m sure if you have to reserve one two weeks before the party, or even a week before, you’ll be able to find one or two.  But it’ll add stress to the process, and drastically affect the inventory you can choose from.

If you wait until the week of the party it’ll be very, very tough to find a rental bounce house that you like.  Don’t take chances, do it early and you’ll be happy you did.


Most companies will include a delivery fee in the cost of the rental but not all of them do.  Discuss this up front so there are no surprises when you’re dealing with other stress from the party. We offer free delivery within 10 miles of our warehouse in Summerville.


This might seem obvious but it’s really important to understand the timing of your rental.  There’s nothing worse than disappointing your little one on their birthday and so it’s critical to get this right.

I recommend double checking your time slot about a week before your party.  This will give you time to adjust should any issues come up.

We offer the longest bounce castle rental time window of 10AM – 6PM with an option to keep the fun going with our $50 overnight option.


Be sure you understand how the cancellation policy works, and be sure you understand it both ways.  Find out when you need to cancel should the need arise.  Be sure you understand how much notice they need and if there are any fees involved.

And on their side, be sure you understand what conditions would allow them to cancel. These are usually things like weather events or other hazardous conditions.  

We are very understanding and have our cancellation information in our terms and agreement.


Being prepared is one of the most important aspects of renting a bounce castle.

When I say being prepared, I mean you need to physically clear space for the inflatable. And while you’re at it, be sure to clear a nice wide path to the area where you’ll be setting up.  It’s easy to forget, and it’s super annoying to have to clean up with the delivery guys standing there waiting as this can slow down the fun.